Little Theatre of Owatonna was organized in April 1966 to bring “culture, entertainment” to Owatonna and the surrounding communities with active participation by all.”  LTO has produced over 200 plays.  The productions are presented fall, winter, spring, summer, and a holiday show every other year.
A theatre production is like a community in itself.  Involvement may take such faces as directing, acting, set construction, painting scenery, decorating a set, designing a poster, sewing costumes, gathering props, stage management, lights or sound, playing in the orchestra, accompanist, doing make up or hair, managing the house, ushering and publicity.  All volunteers are welcome!
Community theatre is an opportunity to see your neighbor, lawyer, husband, wife, children, doctor or dentist portraying such character roles as Harold Hill, Mame, Horace Vandergelder, Dolly, Tevye, Jesus.  It is a chance to express yourself creatively, in whatever capacity you choose.
For more information about LTO, call 507-451-0764.