Murder Inn GraphicFall 2018: “Murder Inn” by Howard Voland & Keith McGregor
Artistic Director: Kristi Westergaard
Technical Director: Jenny Hager
Dates: October 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, & 28

Presented with special arrangements from Samuel French

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Murder Inn is set in New England, at the Barnsley Inn, a dilapidated 18th-century inn supposedly haunted by Marco, a knife-throwing poltergeist. A group on a Ghosts and Ghouls of New England tour is forced by a storm to make an unscheduled stop at the inn. What begins as an uncomfortable detour becomes a night of murder and mayhem. The storm builds, knives pop up in unexpected places, the body count rises, and the guests must discover “who done it”!

The Cast

Jake Talbot will be played by Nick Beck, Martha Talbot by Sarah Friesen, Agnes Tate by Theresa Scheidt, Carolyn Pickett by Courtney Kryzer, Ellen Halsey by Alexis Ayers, Muriel Lampmann by Raquel Hellman, Patricia Simpson by Lisa Cochran, Todd Currier by Michael Reider, Professor Lawrence Currier by Mark Place, Grace Sharp by Gail Zollner, Doris Brooks by Linda Karnauskas, and Donald Schultz by Mark Zollner.